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4th International Symposium on Disorders of Sex Development
Glasgow, Scotland 
7-9 June 2013

Immediate Management of Congenital Conditions in the Newborn Child
Friday, 3 May 2013

Teacher Building
St Enoch Square
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Klinefelter's Syndrome Association - Newsletter

Aims of SDSD Network

Disorders of Sex Development Network had its original designation out in 2006 and the aims were:

Service specification
The managed clinical network is intended to encompass care for children/adults with genital anomalies. This involves primary, secondary and tertiary care clinicians in all appropriate specialties.
Children with genital anomalies require access to specialist opinion and this will be facilitated by a managed clinical network approach. Local teams will provide care for children close to their own homes. It is desirable that all health professionals, parents and children themselves have equitable and evidence based treatment plans.

Key network objectives

  1. To promote service delivery at the most local point of contact (supported by agreed clinical standards and transparent service model).
  2. To facilitate effective service interfaces and support good practice in multidisciplinary and interagency working both in establishment of an MCN and the service delivery associated with it
  3. To facilitate the various strands of user involvement in service delivery and future planning of services (including detailed public patient involvement framework) as indicated in HDL MCN guidelines and other associated MCN best practice documentation
  4. To provide effective governance framework for all strands of clinical practice and include indicators of improved clinical effectiveness and research and development practices achieved through establishment of a genital anomalies network.